1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger

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The main feature of 1st model Luftwaffe dagger is the top of the grip, made in the form of a thick coin with engraved swastika inscribed in a circle. The top of the grip covered with a layer of silver no more than 5 microns. The image was gilded. The thickness of the gilding was 3 microns.

At the end of 1936, the steel elements of the dagger began to be produced from low-quality metal, the silver layer was reduced to 2 microns. However, for the production of the latest modifications, aluminum alloy was already used. Gilding was also used to highlight the swastika. The blade and the grip were Nickel-plated for some time, but after a while they began to be made of aluminum.

The 1935 Luftwaffe dagger hilt had a shape borrowed from ancient Rome. The scabbard, as well as the screw-shaped handle, were covered with blue leather. The blade is 120mm long. it was carefully polished and not engraved. The length of the dagger was 480 mm.