NPEA Student Dagger Karl Burgsmüller

NPEA Student Dagger Karl Burgsmüller

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An authentic Junior NPEA dagger. The dagger is in excellent collectible condition. The blade is factory polished, the motto is "Mehr sein als scheinen." (to Be better than to seem) clear, deep, contrasting. The sharp edges of the letters show that it has not been polished. The tip of the blade is also in the native polish without creases, smooth. The blade was not sharpened. Aluminum alloy guards, on the lower guard we see the abbreviation of the first NPEA school " N. P. E. A. PLON OSTERN” and the number-PL 3. There are several book versions of NPEA with such brands on the lower guard, one of the daggers from this school can be seen in the second edition of Ron Weinand's Handbook " NPEA daggers of the Third Reich”on page 34. The grip is free of chips and cracks. Scabbard in old olive repaint. You can see that the scabbard was repainted a long time ago, there are traces of natural wear and tear on the repaint. On the scuffs you can see white metal. There is no corrosion. A number is stamped on the peg at the bottom. The original suspension is included. There is no limit to perfection, of course, but it is a very good, honest, ALMOST PERFECT dagger in the collection to take and not improve.

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