2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

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2nd model luftwaffe dagger was produced from 1937 to 1944. Only regular officers had the right to wear it. It was distinguished by the presence of a 2-blade 6-sided polished blade of a flat straight shape made of steel.

For the production of the grip, natural wood was used, painted white. The grip had a spiral shape, a wire was drawn in a spiral. The top of the ball-shaped handle was cast together with the upper washer. It was decorated on both sides with oak leaf ornaments and a gilded swastika. The cast crosspiece is made on one side in the form of a soaring eagle with a swastika in its talons.

The scabbard was made of steel and was solid. There were tiny dots on the surface. The round end was decorated with 2 relief belts and, like the grip, oak leaves.

The length of the dagger is 426mm., the blade length does not exceed 160mm, and the width is 20mm.

Front models were equipped with orange plastic handles. All steel elements were cast from aluminum. The length of the dagger was 390mm, width-19mm, the length of the blade did not exceed 255mm.

After the 1937 model of the 2nd model luftwaffe dagger was approved, early modifications were issued to Junior and retired officers.