WWII German Third Reich Luftwaffe Officer Dagger

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Luftwaffe officer dagger was produced in 1935-1942. It was worn by all non-commissioned officers and officers, as well as retired officers from 1935 to 1937. After the adoption of the model 1937, only retired officers and non-commissioned officers wore the dagger until the end of the war. The dagger had a steel, straight, flat, hexagonal, double-edged, Nickel-plated blade. The handle is wooden, barrel-shaped, covered with dark blue leather, with wire wrapped around the grooves. The crosspiece is cast, in the form of three superimposed arches, with the ends bent down. The scabbard is metal, covered with dark blue leather. The scabbard consists of a mouth and a holder. There are movable rings on the mouth and rim for attaching the chain of the belt. Initially, all metal parts of the hilt and the device of the scabbard were made of Nickel silver, later-from polished aluminum. The belt is made in the form of a steel chain with a metal carabiner.