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Hitler youth honor knife. 1933

Honorary German knife "Hitler youth" (HJ) model 1933.A collector's rarityThe blade is straight, sing..

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Hitler youth knife. 1941

Original Hitler youth knife in near mint condition. Without any restorations and repairs..

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Hitler Youth Leader's Dagger. RZM M7/36. Hörster E. & F. Co., Solingen

 Original cutlass of the leader of the German youth organization Hitler youth.A rare cutlass ..

$7,500.00 Ex Tax: $7,500.00
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In our online store, you can buy a bayonet-knife of the Hitler youth in any of the 3 main configurations. To make it easier for the buyer to decide on the choice and buy knives of the Hitler youth SS of the desired sample, we present information about the features of each of the periods of production of weapons.

The 1933-1936 models differ:

  • a thinner blade in comparison with transitional and later samples;
  • smaller "HJ" logo (23x13 mm.) applied to the handle;
  • magnetic scabbard and handle;
  • stamped manufacturer's brand on the blade;
  • low or complete absence of ricasso (all configurations of HJ blades produced by Klittermann, regardless of the time of release, have a high ricasso);

Etching "Blood and Honor".

In the period from 1935 to 1937, the technology of blueing scabbard was used, in all other periods of manufacture, the technique of painting with black varnish was used.

1936-1938 (transition period):

  • manufacturer's mark + RZM code;
  • the ricasso is high;
  • the motto "Blood and honor»;
  • Magnetic scabbard;
  • the grip could be either magnetic or made of zinc alloy;
  • the dimensions of the Hitler youth emblem were: until 1938 – 23x13 mm., from the 2nd half of 1938-25x14. 5 mm.

HJ knives of the period (1938-1945) were distinguished by:

  • the ricasso is high;
  • manufacturer's code RZM;
  • lack of the motto "Blut und Ehre";
  • non-magnetic grip, but magnetic scabbard;
  • absence of the manufacturer's name brand;
  • the size of the "HJ" emblem, which was 23x14. 5 mm.

The price of the Hitler youth dagger depends on factors such as the year of manufacture, external condition, configuration (separately knife or blade with sheath and suspension), etc. The most valuable items for collecting are samples of the transition period. This is due to the presence of a large number of brands. However, models of early and late production periods are no less popular among collectors of antique etched weapon.

Please note that our catalog contains only authentic bayonet knives of the Hitler youth. We do not sell copies, replicas, or fakes!

Historical background:

Hitler Jugend (Hitler youth) – a paramilitary youth organization, which owes its origin to the knife of the Hitler youth. The HJ blade is a cold weapon with a special appearance and design. They marked young members of this organization for some special merits. In addition, the knife confirmed that its owner belonged to an elite Nazi group.

After the national socialists came to power in Germany in 1933, the uniforms of many civil and paramilitary organizations, as well as troops of all types, were supplemented with cold weapons:

  • knives;
  • daggers;
  • cutlasses.

Thus, the etched weapon was assigned a key role in the formation of the German uniform of the third Reich (1933-1945).

As for the HJ knives, starting in June 1933, by analogy with the SA and SS units, they became a mandatory part of the uniform of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler youth) and Jungvolk members (Deutsches jungvolk). And they were worn by absolutely all participants, regardless of their rank. Later, in 1937, the commander's cutlass was additionally approved, which only members with the rank of Gefolgschaftsfuhrer were allowed to wear.

The shape of the dagger HJ borrowed from the flat army bayonet model 1884-1898, which was produced from 1915 and was adopted in 1920 by the Reichswehr infantry. The configuration of the Hitler youth knife was not chosen by chance. It was believed that the blade of this form is more convenient for belt wear.

At the same time, a few years later, the obligation to wear this attribute was canceled. The Hitler youth knife could be bought in specialized shops that sold uniforms. The cost of the blade was then 4 reichsmark (REICHSMARK).

Have a given item of equipment had the right members of the Deutsches jungvolk, with great success PiMF-test. The probation period was six months, and a permit to carry a cold weapon was issued by the organization's management staff.