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Hitler youth honor knife. 1933

Honorary German knife "Hitler youth" (HJ) model 1933.A collector's rarityThe blade is straight, sing..

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Hitler youth knife. 1941

Original Hitler youth knife in near mint condition. Without any restorations and repairs..

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The Hitler youth knife was given to members of Hitler youth organization, in order to emphasize the status and belonging of their owners to a paramilitary elite group. Knife sample 1933, had the following technical characteristics:

Blade length: 140 mm

Blade width: 25 mm

Total length: 245mm

Length with scabbard: 255mm

Carrying a knife was voluntary, but had certain rules: when carrying a knife, the emblem of the Hitler youth must always face the outside. They carried a knife strictly on the left hip, using a special belt, it was forbidden to carry a knife with a skew. It was forbidden to apply any symbols and distinctive signs to the surface of the knife.

The handle of the knife consists of two halves and is covered with a checkered ribbed surface for convenience. Initially, the handle was made of wood, later of bakelite. On the front side of the handle there is a sign of the Hitler Youth. The single-edged blade has a control mark, on the reverse side the date and the brand of the company that made the knife.