Nazi Youth Knife

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Hitler youth honor knife. 1933

Honorary German knife "Hitler youth" (HJ) model 1933.A collector's rarityThe blade is straight, sing..

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Hitler youth knife. 1941

Original Hitler youth knife in near mint condition. Without any restorations and repairs..

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The Hitler youth (HJ) traces its history back to 1922, when the" brown shirts " began to unite nazi young people under the aegis of the Jugenbund der N. S. D. A. P. the Official date of formation of the Hitler youth is December 1, 1936. At the head of the youth organization was set Reichsleiter Baldur von Schirach, reporting directly to Hitler.

A decree of 1939 made it mandatory for nazi young people to belong to the Hitler youth. Thus, any citizen of Nazi Germany between the ages of 10 and 18 who was of Aryan origin was required to join the organization. Junior group: boys from 10 to 14 years — "Deutsche jungfolk" ("German youth"); from 14 to 18 years — the Hitler youth proper.

In 1933, a special knife was established for members of the Hitler nazi youth As a reward and evidence of their passing the entrance tests to this organization. The knife could be purchased at any representative office selling edged weapons at a fixed price of 4 REICHSMARK.

The handle of the Hitler nazi youth knife, made of Nickel alloy, has a checkered ribbed surface and consists of two halves connected by two rivets. In the early stages of production, materials such as rubber and wood were used for the handle. On its front side there is a Hitler Youth sign in the form of a diamond with a swastika on top of a 2x2 black-and-white chess field.