Luftwaffe Sword

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Luftwaffe survival machete. Alcoso Solingen

Original Luftwaffe machete without a saw on the butt, manufacturer Alcoso Solingen..

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Ceremonial officer's sword of the German Luftwaffe model 1934-official name-Offizierschwert, "officer's sword"; colloquial – Fliegerschwert,"pilot's sword". A sample of the future Luftwaffe officer's sword was developed and approved as the "Honorary sword" (Ehrenschwert) for the personnel of the German air sports society (Deutscher Luftsport Verband), where since 1933, bypassing the Versailles restrictions, cadres of the future air force were trained. After the official establishment of the Luftwaffe in March 1935, the newly introduced Honorary sword was required to be worn with full dress uniforms by all air force officers. The wearing of swords was discontinued in December 1944. In the decoration of the earliest swords, silver-plated Nickel silver was used, and after the war (since 1940) aluminum alloy (the so-called light version).