SS Sword

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In 1933-1936, SS officers and non-commissioned officers had the right to supplement their equipment with swords purchased at their own expense. Often such swords had a silver finish, and not the usual in such cases for the Reichswehr or Wehrmacht — gilded. In 1936, at the same time as the introduction of the honorary dagger on chains, unified straight-bladed swords appeared, designed specifically for the SS and police. A single pattern of swords was intended to emphasize the closeness of the SS and the police. Officers and non-commissioned officers ' swords minimum details, while police and SS swords had only differences in symbols on the grip of the police swords were placed eagle policycoherence, and on the grip and the end knob of SS – Sieg-runes. The personnel of the SS horse regiments continued to use the traditional curved sword.

SS non-commissioned officers were willing to purchase swords for themselves through local supply agencies. There were also special officer's swords, called the reichsführer SS Honor sabers (Eh ren degen des Reichsführer SS), which gave their owner a certain status in the SS.