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In 1933, Hitler ordered the development of a dagger to be worn with the uniform of the SA and the SA Reserve. on December 15 this order was fulfilled and the service dagger (SA-Dolch) was adopted for the stormtroopers. Externally, it repeated the shape of the Swiss hunting dagger of the XVI century, the so-called "Holbein". Its length with a scabbard was 368-373 mm, without a scabbard-346-349 mm. The width of the blade at the handle was approximately 35 mm.

The handle was made of natural wood of various breeds (oak, pear, walnut, maple, birch, etc.) and covered with brown varnish, while the color shades were not regulated. In the upper part of the hilt, a metal SA emblem was attached to the front side, and in the middle – an Imperial eagle made of white metal. From 1933 to 1936, Nickel was used for the production of metal handles, and from 1936, Nickel was replaced with Nickel silver in order to save strategic material. Both the emblem and the eagle could be missing from the handles of the wound samples.

On the reverse side of the crosshair (on the side where the blade was marked with the mark of the gunsmith) in the early period, the mark of the SA group (area of deployment) to which the attack aircraft belonged should have been put, but in practice this was not always followed. A dagger purchased privately did not have such markings. The label represented the abbreviation accepted for this group. For the feldherrnhalle regiment, this was the letter W (Wachstandarte Feldherrnhalle).