DLV Dagger

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DLV officers were given a special dagger

DLV dagger is the longest edged weapon of the Third Reich. And the rarest one (not ordered and not awarded) dagger from the entire line of the ceremonial edged weapons of the third Reich. Its length is 55 cm.

The grip was wooden, ribbed, and covered with dark blue leather

The crosspiece is made of Nickel silver, the proportions are more similar to the Luftwaffe aircrew sword. rather than a first-model Luftwaffe dagger. In the center of both sides of the crosspiece is a disk with the image of a swastika.

The top of the grip is roundand and flat

Leather scabbard is made of cupronikel and have dark blue color. The tip of the scabbard is slightly longer than usual. Suspension-Nickel silver chain.

The dagger was manufactured by the following companies: Paul Weyersburg, Adolph Brown, Hester, and Carl Eickhorn.