German Hunting Dagger

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German hunting daggers were used as auxiliary and hunting cold weapons. Most often they were called "deer knives" - Hirschfangers, Jaeger daggers, hunting cutlasses or hunting cleavers and were used to finish off a wounded animal. This occurred in the following way. A hunter would approach an animal that was wounded or held by dogs, stab it with a dagger (usually under the shoulder blade), and wait for the blood to come out. At the same time, the dagger was not removed from the wound and blood flowed freely thanks to the wide halves located on the blades of most daggers. According to many gunsmiths, this is why the erroneous name of the blade Dale appeared, which was called "blood drain" and considered this process to be its main function, which is completely wrong. In the future, the dagger could be used for butchering carcasses.