German Imperial Sword

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Long-bladed edged weapons of the 3rd Reich (1933-1945) are presented in our military Antiques store with a catalog of ceremonial options: Luftwaffe swords, German imperial swords, Wehrmacht ground forces sabers, Navy sabers, police sabers, SS sabers and ceremonial swords made to order for various branches of the armed forces. Luftwaffe swords are made of various metals, both in " heavy "(Nickel silver) and" light " (aluminum) versions.

Basically, of course, all items of cold weapons of the 3rd Reich were made in the so-called "budget version", without any special costs for the material of manufacture or very high quality. And, nevertheless, as for example, the ceremonial sabers of infantry officers of the Wehrmacht looked extremely good, especially if the pommels of the hilts of the sabers were decorated with a stylized gilded lion's head, and red glass was inserted into his eyes.