Vintage German Knives

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Vintage german folding knives are characterized by a high level of reliability and unsurpassed workmanship. These blades were created by the leading gunsmiths of Solingen and had the maximum strength potential. Manual modification of manufactured products was used in production.

A common feature of all vintage German knives is the high quality of mechanisms and ergonomics. The exhibits fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, open perfectly, and their functionality is at the highest level. Approximate dimensions of pocket folding knives are 90-100 mm. the blade and the same amount-the handle.

In our catalog you can find the following options for folding vintage knives:

German penknife 30 years of the last century, which is a multifunctional device: a corkscrew, 2 blades, an awl, a knife for opening canned food;

collectible German blade, released in the 20s, equipped with a wooden handle and many useful mechanisms;

pocket knives in leather cases and much more.