German edged weapons of the world war 2 period undoubtedly have a special design and even a certain charm. The German trophy Dagger is a valuable loot from the defeated great German Empire. Blades of the German air force occupy a special niche in the collections of military Antiques.

They are particularly attractive and recognizable design: swastikas and eagles in flight on the handles, various images on aviation themes…

In this section, you can choose and buy an original Luftwaffe Dagger of the first and second samples, as well as all sorts of accessories for them: straps, suspensions, etc.

What is the ceremonial Dagger of a Luftwaffe officer: historical background

The German state, in accordance with the terms of the Versailles peace Treaty, did not have the right to be included in the army of the air force. However, in 1933, a special grouping was created under the "code" name "Deutscher Luftsport Verband" (German flying sports League). The structure of the organization includes all civilian flying clubs. It secretly trained future fighter pilots.

After Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, this" League " was officially recognized as paramilitary and renamed the Luftwaffe. All those who were trained there immediately began to be called military personnel.

Ii this time Luftwaffe Dagger was added to the air force uniform. At the same time, the first samples, which began to be produced in 1934, were later replaced by the blades of the so-called second sample, which appeared in 1937. Note that the right to carry these weapons belonged only to pilots with an officer's rank.