Ground Rohm SS dagger. Robert Klaas Solingen. Model 1933

Ground Rohm SS dagger. Robert Klaas Solingen. Model 1933

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SS dagger model 1933 by Robert Klaas Solingen with a deleted dedication by Ernst Rohm

The dagger is in a very weak condition, but completely original

Stored in an aggressive environment, judging by the nature of corrosion and shrinkage of the wood, this dagger was either found in water or for a long time was in a wet attic\in the basement.

All losses from time compensated for quite low for daggers SS price, meanwhile, dagger is very interesting. This item was originally an honorary SS award dagger, model 1934, on the obverse of which was the dedication of the SA leader Ernst Rohm, destroyed after the "Night of the long knives". At the same time, in the summer of 1934, the inscription "as a sign of cordial friendship Ernst REM" had to be removed from the daggers. A characteristic feature of this type of dagger is a reduced brand of the manufacturer, shifted to the crosspiece, as well as traces of a deleted inscription. We can see both on the back of the blade.

The blade is straight, steel, double-edged, rhombic. On the front side is an inscription in Gothic script: "MEINE EHRE HEISST TREUE" (My honor - loyalty). At the base of the blade is the maker's mark of Robert Klaas Solingen.

The grip is wooden, black, with strongly curved outlines. The "SS" emblem is embedded on the front side of the handle, and an eagle with a swastika is embedded in the center. The crosspiece and head of the handle are Melchior. The Roman numeral III is stamped on the crosspiece.

The scabbard is steel, painted black. The device consists of a tip, mouth and a ring holder.

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