Chained SS dagger. 1936

Chained SS dagger. 1936

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Early model 1936 SS dagger. Chain type is “B1” by Ralf Siegert. Good quality SS dagger, original 100 % . Blade is acid etched “Meine Ehre Heißt Treue”. It is early model with cupronickel scabbard. Polishing on the blade is original. On the dagger you can see distinctly motto. Blade was not sharpened. As usual  on this type of daggers you can’t find manufacturer’s mark.

There are no hidden defects

The blade is straight, steel, double-edged, rhombic. On the front side is an inscription in Gothic script: "MEINE EHRE HEISST TREUE" (my honor is called loyalty), acid etched. There is no brand on the heel of the blade.

The grip is wooden, black, with strongly curved outlines. The "SS" enamel emblem is embedded on the front side of the grip, and an eagle with a swastika is embedded in the center. The metal elements of grip made of cupronickel.

Scabbard is steel, black color. Scabbard is melchior, consists of a tip with a ball, a mouth and two clips with loops, to which a chain suspension with the symbol SS is attached. On the back of the chain there is a brand Kulturzeichen, or the stamp of the designer Karl Diebich, which was applied manually on this version.

Overall length 22.2 cm.

The blade length is 14.2 cm.

The width of the blade at the heel is 1.1 cm. 

Materials: steel, wood, Melchior, enamel, paint.

Technique: casting, polishing, grinding, etching.

Safety: scuffs, small scratches, oxidation.

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