Ground Rohm SS dagger. Boker. 1933

Ground Rohm SS dagger. Boker. 1933

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Original SS dagger. Early model. 

This dagger was made in 1934 and awarded as an honorary SS dagger with the dedication of Ernst Rohm.

The SA honorary dagger was established by Ernst Rehm's orders of 3 and 20 February 1934, it was awarded to members of the organization who joined the assault detachments before 31 December 1931 and had continuous service experience. In one of the orders, permission was given to carry the honorary dagger SA to former members of the Hitler youth organization who joined the assault detachments after 31.12.1931. The right to receive the dagger was granted after a detailed check of the SA membership card and the candidate's track record. Honorary daggers were ordered centrally, at the expense of the party ticket office, according to lists formed in orkugs SA, and not for personal funds. On the back of the blade of these daggers was the inscription " IN HERZLICHER KAMERADSCHAFT. ERNST ROHM" (as a sign of cordial friendship. Ernst Rohm." Most of the daggers were reworked after the "Night of the long knives" (30.06.1934), when Ernst Rohm and the main part of the leadership of the assault troops were destroyed due to suspicions of preparing a putsch. An order from the first of July 1934 ordered the complete removal of the traitor's initiation from the blades. This explains the rarity of daggers with a full or partial signature.

Blade is straight, steel, double-edged, rhombic . On the front side is an inscription in Gothic script: "MEINE EHRE HEISST TREUE" (My honor - loyalty). At the base of the blade is the brand of the manufacturer Boker Solingen. The grain is wooden, black, with strongly curved outlines. The "SS" emblem is embedded on the front side of the handle, and an eagle with a swastika is embedded in the center. The crosspiece and head of the handle are Melchior. The Roman numeral I is stamped on the crosspiece. The scabbard is steel, painted black. The device consists of a tip, mouth and a ring holder. Included vertical suspension. Unfortunately, the vertical suspension carbine was torn off, but we did not remove the strap itself because of this, it goes as a gift to the dagger.

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