TeNo Officer's Cutlass

TeNo Officer's Cutlass

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The cutlass of the TeNo technical assistance officer (TechnischeNothilfe), model 1938 . The cutlass was meant to be worn with dress uniform officers TeNo in the title of starscheduler and above. Officers purchased it at their own expense through special representative offices of the organization. Manufactured by Eickhorn in Solingen. The numbers on the blade and the mouth of the scabbard (1415) match. Very rare, complete, completely original item, in excellent collectible condition. All the details are in their original collection , without restorations and interventions. On request, we can send photos of the details in macro photography. Complete with a genuine suspension to this cutlass, without interference and loss. Perhaps much rarer than the cutlasses themselves. In addition, there is an option to split that set. Guaranteed, reasoned original TeNo officer's cutlass. The condition is close to ideal: the blade is completely in factory processing, an option for those who want to take once in the collection and no longer improve.

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