Full Rohm SA dagger. Carl Eickhorn. 1933

Full Rohm SA dagger. Carl Eickhorn. 1933

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Dagger of "SA" member, model 1933, with the dedication of E. Rohm, Carl Eickhorn Solingen

 A genuine collector's item, completely in the native collection. This type of dagger has a number of features that are characteristic of the award version with the signature of Ernst Rohm. They should have a certain handle, a certain scabbard and a blade with a reduced brand, which is offset to the heel of the blade. moreover, the type of spelling of the motto must correspond to the type of brand. This particular copy is a 100% guaranteed original with no hidden defects.

 Overall length is 34.6 cm.

The length of the blade is 22.2 cm.

The width of the blade at the heel is 3.4 cm.

Material, technique - steel, wood, melchior, enamel, etching, casting, polishing.

Safety – small scratches, scuffs. Very good collector's condition.

Item description: straight, steel, double-edged, rhombic blade. On the front side is an inscription in Gothic script: "ALLES FUR DEUTSCHLAND" (All for Germany). At the base of the blade, the manufacturer's brand is etched: "Carl Eickhorn SOLINGEN". On the reverse side-the inscription " IN HERZLICHER KAMERADSCHAFT. ERNST ROHM" (as a sign of cordial friendship. Ernst Rohm."

The grip is wooden, brown, with strongly curved outlines. On the front side of the handle is embedded the enamel emblem "SA", and in the center is embedded an eagle with a swastika. The crosspiece is stamped with the brand "Ho".

Scabbard is steel, brown color. The device of the scabbard is melchior, consists of a tip, a mouth and a holder with a ring for attaching the suspension.

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