RAD Enlisted Man's Hewer - Carl Eickhorn

RAD Enlisted Man's Hewer - Carl Eickhorn

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Junior staff's hewer. The Imperial labor service (RAD), Original Eickhorn

An early version of RAD hewer, what we can see by the Melchior design of the grip and scabbard device, as well as the brand used by the Carl Eickhorn factory until 1936. In addition, in this version, the sheath case has a genuine bluing, not black color, which also indicates that the hewer belongs to the early production series.

The blade was not sharpened, has traces of wear, but there is no rust, the condition is pretty good, which is rare for early hewers! The scabbard without restorations, the device of the scabbard is in a beautiful patina! Nickel silver hilt of the patina, not cleaned and not disassembled.

The hewer has no hidden defects

Hewer has a very beautiful early leather suspension! On the Melchior carbine there are manufacturer's stamps, as well as the year of manufacture 1936. In addition, the leather bears the gilded brand of the manufacturer of the suspension, Luneschloss Solingen, with the emblem "Gakenkreuz"(three-pointed swastika).

The blade is single-edged, slightly curved, expanding to the lower part. On the front side is an etched inscription in Gothic script: "ARBEIT ADELT" (Labor ennobles). At the base of the blade-the brand of the manufacturer: "Original Eickhorn" and the brand of the patent office Ges. Gesch caused by the etching.

The grip is Melchior, with two horn plates, which are fastened with two screws with countersunk nuts. The head of the grip is cast in the form of an eagle's beak, the beak is turned towards the blade. The crosspiece is straight, flat, with two longitudinal grooves, not symmetrical, with one rounded, curved up on the side of the blade end.

The scabbard is straight, black, and blued. The device of the scabbard is Melchior, in patina, consists of a long wide mouth and a tip in the form of a shovel with a pointed end. The upper part of the scabbard and the tip are decorated with geometric ornaments and the image of the emblem of the Labor front-a swastika on the background of a shovel and ears.

Included suspension. The suspension has the brand of the manufacturer Luneschloss Solingen and the brand of the patent office GES. GESCH.

Total length-37.8 cm

Blade length-24.7 cm

The width of the blade at the heel is 3.4 cm

Materials: steel, horn, Melchior.

Technique: stamping, Nickel plating, etching, casting, polishing.

Safety: scuffs, small scratches, traces of corrosion.

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