Hitler youth honor knife. 1933

Hitler youth honor knife. 1933

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Honorary German knife "Hitler youth" (HJ) model 1933.

A collector's rarity

The blade is straight, single-edged, without dales. On the front side of the blade etching - the motto of the Hitler youth organization - "BLUT UND EHRE" (Blood and Honor).

The handle is steel, formed by two black overlays, fixed on two steel rivets. The head of the handle is decorated with etching - a swastika on the background of the flag in a frame of plant ornaments. The handle head and crosspiece are steel. The crosspiece is straight, with the end bent up.

The scabbard is steel, black, has a leather strap with a button to secure the handle of the knife. The button is stamped.

Materials: steel, leather, pressed leather.

Technic: Nickel plating, etching, casting, polishing, grinding, stamp.

Safety: scuffs, scratches.

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