Hitler Youth Leader's Dagger. RZM M7/36. Hörster E. & F. Co., Solingen

Hitler Youth Leader's Dagger. RZM M7/36. Hörster E. & F. Co., Solingen

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Original cutlass of the leader of the German youth organization Hitler youth.

A rare cutlass in very good condition, without restorations and interventions!

The cutlass of the senior command staff of the Hitler youth was given to the Fuhrers of this organization. The rarity of the cutlass is due to the fact that the leader of the Hitler Youth could go without it. And since the item was purchased at their own expense, some did not purchase it.

The blade is in its native form, not cleaned, not sharpened, not polished. Grip also was not disassembled. The leather on the scabbard is native, the coating is original.


This type of cutlass is described and shown in Ralf Siegert's book "Die Deinstdolche und Blankwaffen der NPEA und der Hitlerjugend" (Service daggers and cold weapons of the NPEA and the Hitler youth organizations) on pages 465-467 and 470-471.

The subject is also presented in Thomas M. Johnson's book "World War II German War Booty" (German war trophies of World war II) on page 139. The same version of the cutlass manufacturer Carl Eickhorn with the full trade logo is shown in the book by Thomas M. Johnson "Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich" (collecting edged weapons of the Third Reich) in volume 7 on pages 143-145.


The blade is straight, steel, hexagonal, double-edged, without dales. On the front side of the blade – the motto of the Hitler youth organization - "BLUT UND EHRE" (Blood and honor), etched. On the back of the blade is the brand RZM M7 / 36 (which corresponds to the manufacturer Hörster E. & F. Co., Solingen), etched.


The handle is covered with wire wrapped around the base of the coil to the coil. The head of the handle shows the symbolism of the Hitler youth organization-a swastika on the background of a diamond. The crosspiece is straight, slightly curved towards the handle.


The scabbard is solid, in silver, covered with black leather. The clip at the scabbard is decorated with an image of an eagle with a swastika, holding a sword and hammer in its paws. Each clip is movably attached to one ring for attaching the suspension.


Total length is 34.6 cm

Blade length is 24.3 cm

The width of the blade at the heel is 1.7 cm

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