WW1 German Sword

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German Imperial navy applicant's bayonet

Original German Imperial navy bayonet with etched blade. All metal parts made from steel and all in ..

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The German Empire and the Weimar Republic capture a period in German history from 1871-1933. In this section of our antique shop of military Antiques, in addition to the dated period presented, there are also items of German edged weapons and the post-Napoleonic period, from 1815 to 1871.

Most of all there are infantry samples of German edged weapons, both officers and non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel of the German army.

The Solingen cavalry swords are very beautiful, usually their beauty is complemented by the pommel in the form of a lion's head. The price of such sabers was quite expensive even at that time, especially if the blade's canvas was decorated with gilding and blue bluing.

German naval swords of that period are also beautiful in their own way, their blades are usually decorated with thematic drawings in the form of: sailing ships, sea anchors with ropes around them, tridents.