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1st Model RLB Officer's Dagger - Paul Weyersberg


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Ground Rohm SS dagger. Boker. 1933

Original SS dagger. Early model. This dagger was made in 1934 and awarded as an honorary SS dag..

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Ground Rohm SS dagger. Robert Klaas Solingen. Model 1933

SS dagger model 1933 by Robert Klaas Solingen with a deleted dedication by Ernst RohmThe dagger is i..

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Rohm SS dagger looks exactly like an SS dagger, but the reverse side of the blade is engraved with the memorable inscription "In herzlicher Freundschaft. Ernst Rohm." (as a sign of cordial friendship. Ernst REM.)1934 SS Rohm dagger was awarded to Fuhrers, unterfuhrers, and SS privates who joined the Schutzstaffel before December 31, 1931. In appearance, it completely repeated the standard SS dagger of the 1933 model. However, the back of its blade was engraved with the words " as a sign of heartfelt friendship. Ernst Rehm." The fact is that this dagger was awarded to distinguished SS ranks (still formally part of the SA) by the chief of staff (staff chief) WITH Ernst Rehm. It was REM who was the first to award especially loyal stormtrooper Fuhrers with honorary daggers of the sa chief of staff with a gift inscription. The SS award dagger with the signature of Ernst Rohm was worn only by those who joined the SS before December 31, 1931 (a total of 9900 such daggers were made). After June 30, 1934, when SA chief of staff REM was killed in the bloody " Night of the Long Knives "(operation codenamed " Collibri») under the command of Dietrich, the order of the Reichsfuhrer (Imperial leader) of the SS Heinrich Himmler from 04.07.1934 ordered either to erase the signature of Rohm or to change this dagger to a regular uniform without an inscription. The survivors of the "Night of the Long Knives" members of the NSDAP assault detachments, also marked with the Rohm award daggers of the SA, received a similar order from their new chief of staff, Viktor lutze, who replaced the murdered REM.